A Vision That Empowers Giving

Achieving a Sustainable Non-Profit Sector



The values of generosity, compassion, philanthropy, and empathy are deeply rooted in the society of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The non-profit sector is crucial to positively impact the people and society alongside the governmental and private sectors, as it promotes sustainable growth for all.




Targeting a 5% contribution by the sector to Saudi Arabia’s GDP by 2030 in 10 key areas, Vision 2030 is making it easier to give back. As a result, more Saudis than ever are spending time in their communities, with a twentyfold increase in volunteers between 2015 and 2021, delivering support for people in need.


Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

This country is distinguished by the care and encouragement of goodness by its leaders. Charitable institutions in various fields, whether bearing the names of the kings of this Country others, are one of the honorable aspects of our Country.


His Royal Highness Crown Prince, Prime Minister and Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs
Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz

We aim to reach an important non-profit sector that is initiating, supportive and influential in education, health, culture and research fields.

The Non-profit empowerment journey since the launch of Saudi Vision 2030

  • 2016
  • Launch of Saudi Vision 2030 with targets to increase the non-profit sector's contribution and to enhance the culture of volunteering
  • 2018
  • Increasing the number of volunteers by 182% compared to 2016
  • 2019
  • Establishing the National Center for the Development of the Non-profit Sector
  • Launch of Jood Al Eskan, a charitable platform centered around housing
  • 2020
  • Launch of the National Volunteer Portal to provide volunteering opportunities in 30 diverse fields
  • Launch of three key non-profit platforms: The Health Volunteering Platform; Waqfy, for charitable crowdfunding; and Tabara, the National Donations Platform
  • 2021
  • Launch of Ehsan and Naua platforms to digitize philanthropy
  • Launch of The National Award for Voluntary Work
  • Announcement of Prince Mohammed bin Salman Non-Profit City with a total area of 3.4 km2.
  • 2022
  • Launch of The National Campaign for Charitable Work, receiving almost USD 80 million in donations within the first 48 hours of its announcement

The non-profit sector has a vital role in the development and solidarity of any society. Therefore, Saudi Vision 2030 sat three strategic objectives for it, and they are: Support non-profit sector growth, enable non-profit organizations to achieve greater impact, and Encourage volunteering.

Empowering Non-Profit Organizations

The crucial impact of non-profit organizations stems from their ability to promote social solidarity among all members of society by encouraging various forms of humanitarian work such a as environment and health.

Since its inception, Saudi Vision 2030 has supported the alignment of various government entities to ease licensing of non-profit organizations, regulate the sector's infrastructure, and expand its work areas and scope to ensure efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.

Today, Citizens can establish your non-profit online through National Center for Non-profit Sector (NCNP) digital services portal. As a result of efforts and alignment in the non-profit ecosystem, Saudi Arabia has 3637 Non-profit entities as of 2022, which translates to an increase of 120.9% since the vision launch.

Non-Profit Organizations

Boundless Volunteering Opportunities

More Saudis are embracing a new and improved quality of life and giving back to their communities within 30 diverse volunteering areas.

Saudi Vision 2030 cultivates an environment that empowers people to put their knowledge, talents and time into helping society prosper by leaving a lasting positive effect on various sectors like technology, health, environment and education.

The official Saudi volunteering platforms record volunteers' work hours, issue volunteering certificates, link volunteers to various opportunities and entities, and offer a space for creative ideas to uplift society.

Easing access to volunteering opportunities helped Saudi Arabia exceed its volunteering targets. In 2022, more than 527000 volunteers impacted Saudi society. In addition, in 2021, The economic value of a volunteer contribution reached 13.99 USD, surpassing the intended target by 309%.

Volunteering Opportunities