Explore Qiddiya, Saudi Arabia’s emerging capital for entertainment, sports and culture that aim to build destinations, programs and initiatives based on the power of play that will enhance the quality of life of visitors and residents.

Qiddiya Launched in 2018 by King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Qiddiya City is a global entertainment, sports, and culture hub in the making. It is the first development from Qiddiya, the organization behind the ‘power of play’, and will be an epicenter of entertainment, sports and culture, welcoming Saudi nationals, residents, and tourists alike. It will offer international sports arenas, concert and entertainment venues, academies for sports and the arts, racetracks, outdoor and adventure activities and family-friendly theme parks – including a Six Flags theme park and a water theme park, both offering rides and experiences never seen before. 

City is key to building KSA into a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation. Qiddiya seeks to build destinations, programs and initiatives with play at its core, that will enhance the quality of life of visitors and residents. With 67% of Saudis under 35, Qiddiya City will provide the Kingdom’s youthful population with new opportunities for entertainment, employment, and fun. By offering a world-class tourism destination in the heart of Saudi Arabia, the project will create new jobs, help build a more prosperous and vibrant society, and give Saudis the opportunity to spend their holidays and spare time enjoying world class entertainment without the need to travel abroad.

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