General Entertainment Authority

The General Entertainment Authority is developing the Kingdom’s entertainment sector, creating new entertainment opportunities and improving quality of life.

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) in Saudi Arabia is responsible for the development, advancement and expansion of the Kingdom’s growing entertainment sector. Launched in 2016, they work to regulate and develop the entertainment sector, diversify entertainment options, and support the Kingdom’s economy.

GEA is supporting the development of exciting entertainment options that fit the needs of people from all walks of life around Saudi Arabia – making it possible to spend the day exploring a new theme park, enjoy a night out at a concert, see a blockbuster film in theaters and much more.

Beyond improving leisure time, the organization is promoting a self-sustaining entertainment sector that can support the national economy and contribute to revenue diversification and GDP growth. By creating jobs for national talents, supporting local small and medium-sized enterprises and attracting foreign direct investments, GEA is promoting social and economic growth.

Discover all the ways that Vision 2030 and the Quality of Life Program are committed to promoting culture and entertainment as an essential part of life in the Kingdom.

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