Immerse yourself in the vibrant, creative energy of Riyadh Art. This groundbreaking public art initiative is transforming Saudi Arabia’s capital into a gallery without walls, showcasing the talents of local artists and developing the Kingdom’s creative economy.

Launched in 2019 by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Riyadh Art is sparking creativity in a city becoming more global, vibrant, and cosmopolitan each day.

With new creative projects arriving in every corner of the city, Riyadh’s residential neighborhoods, parks, squares, public transportation hubs, and tourist destinations are all showcasing the Kingdom’s artistic talent.

Riyadh Art is making the capital a more vibrant and artistic place – enriching lives, encouraging creative expression, and stimulating the creative economy. By fostering a sense of civic pride and bringing joy to both residents and visitors, the program is creating a more beautiful Riyadh for all to enjoy and stimulating new investment from businesses.

Explore the ways in which Vision 2030 is fostering an environment of creativity and artistic expression in Riyadh, positioning the Kingdom as a new destination for art lovers and enthusiasts.

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