To meet the increasing demand for Saudis to own their own homes, ROSHN is a national community developer that creates exceptional neighborhoods that are welcoming, vibrant, and wonderful places to live.

Launched in 2020, ROSHN is dedicated to supporting the ambitious goal of 70% homeownership by 2030, and is doing so by making positive contributions to the nation’s real estate and infrastructure sectors. A giga-project under the Public Investment Fund, ROSHN is blazing a trail as the Kingdom's premier real estate enabler, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all citizens.

By working with local partners and creating jobs to help achieve these goals, ROSHN plays a key role contributing to the continued growth and prosperity of the Kingdom.

ROSHN’s pioneering communities combine modern living with inspiration from the unique history and heritage of Saudi cities, making them vibrant and lively places to call home.  Catering to all tastes and budgets, these homes will set new standards for excellence that deliver superior living experiences to residents.

Learn more about how Vision 2030 is shaping the future of cities, neighborhoods and real estate in the Kingdom.

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