Sakani is a program that facilitates the process of owning a home. It offers affordable housing options and helps with financing. It focuses on individuals that find it challenging to access the housing market.

Launched in 2018, the Sakani program began revolutionizing the housing market in Saudi Arabia by providing affordable options for citizens to own a home. Sakani works hand in hand with private sector developers to build new communities in high-demand areas.

Citizens can take advantage of the program's financing options including rent-to-own and mortgage options, making the possibility of homeownership a reality for many. The program also provides support for first-time homebuyers, guiding them through the process and assisting them with obtaining financing.

Its mission to provide affordable housing is not only to address the housing needs of citizens, but also to contribute to the development and growth of new communities across the country. Sakani is a shining example of how the Housing Program is making a real impact on the lives of citizens, by giving them the opportunity to realize their aspiration of owning a home.

Learn more about how Vision 2030 and the Housing Program are addressing the housing needs of citizens in Saudi Arabia and supporting the development of new communities across the country.

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