National Biotechnology Strategy

The National Biotechnology Strategy is poised to position Saudi Arabia as a regional and global biotech hub with a far-reaching impact in biomanufacturing and medical innovation. The strategy marks the beginning of a transformative journey, not only for the Kingdom but also for the global biotechnology landscape.

By prioritizing the following strategic directions, the National Biotechnology Strategy aims to advance Saudi Arabia’s self-sufficiency in vaccines, biomanufacturing and genomics, unlocking a high-growth sector, fostering innovation, and improving the health and well-being of its citizens.

  1. Vaccines:

    Develop end-to-end vaccine manufacturing capabilities to ensure self-sufficiency and enable exports across the MENA region. Simultaneously, spearhead research and development in innovative technologies and become a regional hub for late-stage development.

  2. Biomanufacturing and Localization:

    Establish an advanced local bio-manufacturing platform aimed at boosting self-sufficiency in producing biologics and biosimilars, enable global export opportunities, drive growth of the broader biotech sector in the Kingdom, and reduce healthcare costs.

  3. Genomics:

    Expand the national genomic database and analytics platform to enhance preventive healthcare, and foster innovation through supportive policies and improved access to genomics data. Integrate genomics into healthcare practices for more precise and accurate diagnoses and effective interventions, enhancing accuracy and effectiveness in medical care.

  4. Plant Optimization:

    Enhance food self-sufficiency and agricultural productivity in the Kingdom while promoting climate sustainability and green practices.