Saudi Vision 2030

An ambitious vision for an ambitious nation.

Vision 2030 Overview

Under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Vision 2030 was launched, a roadmap drawn up by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, to harness the strengths God bestowed upon us – our strategic position, investment power and place at the center of Arab and Islamic worlds. The full attention of the Kingdom, and our Leadership, is on harnessing our potential to achieve our ambitions.

Since the launch of Vision 2030, we have built a foundation, during which unprecedented reforms were made in the public sector’s operating model, the economy and society as a whole. This laid the foundations of success for the future. We faced many challenges and gained a myriad of experiences, which boosted our confidence in achieving our future goals. We worked on improving the effectiveness and response of the government, unlocked opportunities for growth and investment, opened Saudi Arabia to the world, built and launched platforms for future growth, and increased citizens’ quality of life. These achievements belong to the sons and daughters of this great nation.

Vision 2030 Draws on the Nation’s Intrinsic Strengths

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As we continue this transformation, we reaffirm our commitment towards achieving our goals by 2030. We will continue to enable citizens and businesses to unleash their fullest potential, and we will work on diversifying the economy, supporting local content and develop innovative opportunities for the future. This will be through creating an attractive environment for local and foreign investments, in addition to the Public Investment Fund developing and unlocking new sectors.

What has been achieved, and what we seek to achieve, are the fruits of the continuous hard work by Saudi citizens and partnerships with the private and third sectors, which work in harmony to elevate the Kingdom's position in the developing world.

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