Welcome to our vision for a thriving economy in Saudi Arabia.

We are creating an environment that supports economic growth and job creation for all Saudis by leveraging our unique location and potential, attracting top talent, and increasing global investment.

The future of our nation will be determined by our young people, and we are prioritizing them, their skills and their empowerment. We are building a culture that values determination and provides rewarding opportunities for growth while also creating diverse job opportunities for Saudis, while attracting the best global talent.

The Kingdom is open for business. To become a leading global economy, we are improving our business environment, restructuring our economic cities, creating special zones, and deregulating the energy market to make it more competitive. We are also investing for the future by unleashing promising new sectors and privatizing government services to diversify our economy and ensure its sustainability.

Located at the crossroads of three continents, we are leveraging our unique position to become a major hub for international trade and forming new partnerships to grow our economy and supporting our domestic companies in increasing exports.

With these efforts, Vision 2030 is creating a thriving economy that serves as the foundation for a vibrant society and an ambitious nation.

Progress & Achievements