Welcome to our vision of a vibrant society in Saudi Arabia.

Vision 2030 understands the importance of building a strong, happy, and fulfilling society as the foundation for economic prosperity, which is why we focus on creating strong roots that embrace modern Islam, national pride, Saudi heritage, and culture, while also providing world-class entertainment options, sustainable living, and efficient health and social care systems. Saudi Arabia is unique in its cultural abundance, inherently Islamic faith and national unity, and we as Saudis dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our duty towards pilgrims and promoting our rich national identity.

To achieve true happiness and fulfillment for all citizens and residents, we are prioritizing physical, psychological, and social wellbeing, which is why at the heart of our vision is creating a society where everyone enjoys a high quality of life, a healthy lifestyle, and an attractive living environment. To build a strong and productive society with strong foundations, we commit to promoting and revitalizing social development by strengthening our families, providing character-building education, and establishing empowering health and social care systems.

With these efforts, Vision 2030 is creating a vibrant society that serves as the foundation for a thriving economy and an ambitious nation.

Progress & Achievements