The King Salman Park Foundation and the Ministry of Culture are collaborating on the development of the Royal Arts Complex, which will serve as a hub for arts and culture in the heart of Riyadh.


The Royal Arts Complex is expected to be one of the most prominent landmarks in King Salman Park. Designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, the Complex will blend modernity with Salmani architecture, providing visitors with a unique cultural and artistic experience.

The Royal Arts Complex will comprise of seven distinct cultural assets, each embodying Vision 2030 to inspire talent and enrich the cultural sector.

These will include the Museum of World Cultures, a striking architectural feature within the complex, the National Theater and the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts. 

The Institute will contain three academies: The Academy of Traditional Visual Arts, the Academy of Cultural Heritage and Restoration, and the Academy of Theatrical Arts.  

The Royal Arts Complex will house a cultural cinema complex designed to host local and international events, as well as a sculpture and artwork pavilion and a library specialized in culture and arts. The complex will also feature a dome-shaped space to showcase artistic talent and hosts cultural events. 


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