The Made in Saudi Program helps local businesses increase their visibility, promote their products to a wider audience, and connect with consumers interested in purchasing from Saudi companies.

Launched in 2021 by the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program and the Saudi Export Development Authority, Made in Saudi celebrates Saudi Arabia’s homegrown talent and innovation. By supporting local businesses to grow their reach and promote their products both domestically and globally, the Program is driving the economy forward and showcasing the technical innovation, creative talent, and business acumen of the Kingdom.
The Program is positioning Saudi products and services as the preferred choice for domestic and international consumers. Not only are they encouraging Saudi citizens to buy more locally made products, but they’re promoting the Kingdom as a global industrial destination and attracting investment, with a goal of increasing non-oil exports to 50% of non-oil GDP by 2030.
Through the program, businesses are able to collaborate and use the SAUDI MADE logo to project a positive image of the country around the world.
Discover how Vision 2030 works to achieve and build a diversified and sustainable Saudi economy.

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