Shamsi is a digital portal that helps families throughout the Kingdom make the switch to solar energy, helping them understand the financial and technical aspects of installing panels in their own home.

The Shamsi portal is revolutionizing the way citizens think about renewable energy in Saudi Arabia. With its user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art electronic calculator, the portal makes it easy for homeowners and facility managers to explore the benefits of going solar. By analyzing the financial and technical aspects of installing a small PV system, users can make an informed decision about whether solar is the right choice for their home or facility.

By choosing solar, beneficiaries are doing their part to help create a greener future for all. With the portal's team of qualified and certified consultants and contractors, people all across the Kingdom can rest assured that their installation will be done efficiently and to the highest standards. Home by home, the Shamsi portal is playing a key role in Saudi Arabia’s transition to a sustainable future.

Discover how Vision 2030's energy saving initiatives are paving the way to a greener future in Saudi Arabia.

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