FintechSaudi is unlocking the Kingdom’s potential as a top fintech destination, building the Kingdom’s infrastructure, developing local talent and supporting entrepreneurs.

FintechSaudi is promoting fintech industry growth in Saudi Arabia. Launched in 2018 by the Saudi Central Bank and the Capital Market Authority, they are positioning Saudi Arabia as a leading fintech hub by building a strong and responsible ecosystem that includes banks, investors, companies, and government institutions.

FintechSaudi is providing education and resources for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in fintech by offering workshops and training for students, investors, companies, and banks. This helps emerging talent and entities learn about the fintech industry and understand the role FintechSaudi plays in developing it. They are also creating products and services to support SMEs across the country.

FintechSaudi is partnering with local banks and international fintech companies to establish diverse fintech activities in the Kingdom. They are working together to encourage innovation and experimentation in the industry, creating a strong and inclusive fintech ecosystem that can support long-term growth.

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