Empowering The Private Sector

Vision 2030 empowers the private sector to play a vital role in enhancing and diversifying the economy and achieving the ambitious objectives of the nation.

Vision 2030 recognized early on the importance of partnerships between the public, private and non-profit sectors and international partners to achieve the Kingdom’s aspirations.  To foster a thriving economy - a Vision 2030 pillar -  Saudi Arabia is diversifying its economy, supporting local production, and developing innovative opportunities for the future by creating an attractive environment for local and foreign investments.

Economic reforms have been launched to facilitate a supportive business environment and enhance the quality, efficiency and digitization of services provided to the private sector.  Many programs, initiatives, funds, incubators and accelerators have been created to assist the private sector in overcoming obstacles and unleash the sector as the main driver of the Kingdom's economy.

Investments in local companies by the Public Investment Fund have untapped new, non-oil sectors that are creating prosperous opportunities in Saudi Arabia. And as the Saudi government continues to create an empowering environment for the private sector and its partners, Vision 2030 can realize the Kingdom's aspirations and shape the future of our nation.

Targets by 2030