Dumat Al Jandal Wind Farm

Located in the Al Jouf region of Saudi Arabia, Dumat Al Jandal Wind Farm is a pioneering project that represents the Kingdom's commitment to achieving its ambitious renewable energy goals.

Inaugurated in 2019 as part of the National Renewable Energy Program, the $500m Dumat Al Jandal Wind Farm is the first and largest of its kind in Saudi Arabia. In 2022, the Wind Farm became operational, equipped with 99 turbines and a total capacity of 400 MW. Capable of supplying electricity to approximately 70,000 homes, it supports the Kingdom’s reduction of reliance on oil and carbon emissions. Additionally, it brings economic benefits to the Al Jouf region, creating jobs and attracting foreign investment in the growing renewable energy market. 

The project's record-breaking low electricity generation rate of $0.0199/KWh earned it the 2019 Renewable Deal of the Year award from Project Finance International. The Wind Farm is key to the Kingdom's goal of reaching 50% contribution of renewable energy to the overall energy mix by 2030.

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