A Story of Transformation




Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is a pathway to the future. Unveiled in 2016, it represents a transformative and deeply ambitious plan to unlock the Kingdom’s vast potential, by creating a diversified, innovative and world-leading nation, for the benefit of future generations.




In the five years since the Vision’s launch, Saudi Arabia has witnessed both unprecedented change and remarkable growth. 


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A Story of Transformation

Dynamic Society

Reshaping the social and cultural landscape in pursuit of a new era of inclusive opportunity.

Business and Economy

Accelerating growth through strategic investment, new industries and world-class leadership.

Tourism and Heritage


Bringing Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage, culture and warm hospitality to the world.

Environment and Nature

Delivering on climate and sustainability goals at home and around the world.

A Story of Transformation

This publication serves as a celebration of this journey and its historic achievements, and also explores the plans that will underpin the nation’s continued success, as it strives to make the ambitions of Vision 2030 a reality.