History & Heritage

Timeline of the Arabian Peninsula

6000 BC Protohistory
5400 BC Ubaid Period
4000 BC Aad & Thamud Period
2400 BC Dilmun
1700 BC Midian
900 BC Qedar
600 BC Dadan and Lihyan
500 BC Dumah
400 BC Kindah
400 AD Nabataean
400 BC Kindah (The second)
410 BC Banu Hanifa
610 AD The Prophetic Period & Rashidun Caliphate
1727 AD The First, Saudi Kingdom
1824 AD The second, Saudi Kingdom
1902 AD Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


King Abdulaziz ibn Abdulrahman ibn Faisal ibn Faisal Al Saud 1319 – 1373 AH / 1902 – 1953 AD

History of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a rich culture shaped by the diversity of its people, which has formed the basis of the cultural identity of the Kingdom.

With approximately 30 million inhabitants, the Kingdom has 13 regions all united by the Arabic language, but each with a unique dialect, traditions, heritage, and culinary identity.

The Kingdom has three official yearly holidays; two Islamic holidays, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, and Saudi National Day, which is celebrated on September 23rd.

The people of Saudi Arabia embrace many social values influenced by the Kingdom’s ancient customs and traditions, including generosity, courage, hospitality, and maintaining strong family relationships, as well as values that reflect the society’s culture and Islamic values.

Kings of Saudi Arabia


Journey of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Towards a vibrant society, a thriving economy, an ambitious nation

Publication of the first Saudi newspaper “Umm Al-Qura”
Establishment of the Shura Council
The Unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Discovery of Petroleum
The First Civilian Aviation
Establishment of Saudi Airlines
Establishing the Saudi Radio
Construction of the Railway
Creation of Council of Ministers
The first expansion of the Grand Mosque
The first expansion of the Grand Mosque
The first university in Saudi Arabia, “King Saud University”
The Establishment of Saudi television
Establishment of Saudi Press Agency (SPA)
Launching the Saudi National Anthem
Internet Appearance in Saudi Arabia