Inspired by art, wellness, and the purity of the red sea, AMAALA is the world’s first integrated family wellness destination that offers restorative experiences for all.

AMAALA is a luxury tourism destination being developed along the Red Sea coast in northwestern Saudi Arabia. Covering 4,000 km², this year-round destination will offer exciting activities across all interests – including sea and sun, sports, arts, and culture – ensuring all guests have the experience of a lifetime.

AMAALA's first phase of development is focused on its Triple Bay masterplan, which will offer some 1,300 rooms in eight hotels - the first batch opening in 2024. When completed in 2027, AMAALA will have over 3,000 hotel rooms across 25 hotels, 943 luxury residential villas, as well as high-end retail and food outlets, a yacht club, wellness, and recreational facilities.

Sustainability is a top priority for AMAALA, which is located in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Natural Reserve. Only 5% of the area will be used for development – the rest will be preserved, protecting the area’s diverse ecosystems and local culture. AMAALA will also operate on 100% renewable energy, have a zero-carbon footprint, and contribute no waste to landfills.

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