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Quality of Life Program

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The Quality of Life Vision Realization Program improvse individuals’ lifestyles by developing an ecosystem to support and create new options that boost citizens’ and residents’ participation in cultural, environment, and sports activities.  This is in addition to other suitable activities that contribute to enhancing the quality of life of individuals and families, creating jobs, diversifying economic activity, and raising the status of Saudi Arabian cities so that they rank among the best cities in the world.



  • Developing +149 art galleries, +27 electronic games facility, +16 family entertainment centers, +1 water park, +11 museums, +11 public libraries, +45 cinemas, 3 theme parks, +6 zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens, +44 public parks, 18 theaters, +1 opera house
  • Having a city within the top 100 most livable cities in the world, 4991 Number of activated sport venues, 0.30% of GDP spent on sports, 7 athletes in the olympics (excl. wild cards), 18% individuals exercised on a weekly basis , 405 cultural infrastructures, 5167 cultural activities offered, 0.12% consumer spending on cultural offerings, 5 participations in major international events, 25,000 new published books, 13 Saudi films produced, 2.20% household spending on total entertainment, 260 entertainment places, 358 unique titles of entertainment events, 450 amateur groups