Thriving Economy Leveraging its unique position

Saudi Arabia is right at the crossroads of important international trade routes, between three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa. We will therefore maximize the benefits from our exceptional and strategic geographic position, agree new strategic partnerships to grow our economy and help Saudi companies to increase exports of their products. We will leverage the close proximity of energy sources and our distinctive logistical offer to stimulate a new phase of industrialization and to catalyze exports and re-exports.

Building a unique regional logistical hub

We have already invested heavily in the construction of ports, railways, roads and airports. To take full advantage of these investments, we plan to work with the private sector and enter into a new series of international partnerships to complete, improve and link our infrastructure internally and across borders. We will also unlock our “hard” infrastructure with systems that can drive higher performance, including more rigorous governance, leaner processes and a more efficient customs system. We will improve and implement existing laws and regulations. Air, maritime, and other transport operators will be encouraged to make the most of their capacity: achieving durable links between existing trade hubs, as well as opening new trade routes. This will reinforce our position as a distinctive logistical gateway to the three continents.

Integrating regionally and internationally

With a GDP of SAR 2.4 trillion, our economy is already the largest in the Middle East. We enjoy close economic ties with the Gulf Cooperation Council and other Arab countries, as well as constructive relations with Islamic and foreign countries. We will seek to establish new business partnerships and facilitate a smoother flow of goods, people and capital. Among our top priorities is to fortify and extend our interconnectivity and economic integration with other Gulf Cooperation Council countries. We will strive to complete the process of implementing the GCC common market, unifying customs, economic and legal policies, and constructing shared road and railway networks. We will seek to effectively link with other countries in the region, through enhanced logistics services and new cross-border infrastructure projects, including land transport projects with Africa through Egypt. Logistical and trade exchanges will be streamlined, further cementing our pre-eminent position as a major trade hub.

Supporting our national companies

Rather than competing generically across the board, we will concentrate on our comparative advantages, national strengths and the areas that will assure leadership status. Initially, our priority will be to fully support major national companies, which have already gained a leading market share, by promoting their products and services regionally and globally, especially in the fields of oil, petrochemicals, banking, telecommunications, food, health care, and retail. We will also seek to support Saudi companies with promising growth opportunities so they develop into new regional and global leaders. Finally, we will fully support our national industries, assisting them to market themselves abroad and to export their products.

Among our goals by 2030…

To raise our global ranking in the Logistics Performance Index from 49 to 25 and ensure the Kingdom is a regional leader

To raise the share of non-oil exports in non-oil GDP from 16% to 50%