An Ambitious Nation Responsibly Enabled

The nation we aspire to build will not be realized without a grand, collective national effort where everyone contributes. We all have roles to fulfill, whether we are working in the public, private or non-profit sectors. We will therefore work continually to achieve our hopes and fulfil our aspirations and responsibilities to our country, our society, our families, and to ourselves.

Being responsible for our lives

We have already faced and overcome many challenges and accomplished much, by the grace of Allah and our brotherhood. We have contributed to building our country. We have been, and still are, a great example in assuming responsibility. Today, as we face fresh challenges, new roles and responsibilities are required. We should feel great confidence in our capabilities, in our understanding of our obligations and in our ability to achieve excellence for our nation, our society, our families and ourselves. We are each personally responsible for our own futures. As such, we will develop ourselves and will work to become independent and active members of society, developing new skills in the process. We will remember our lifelong obligations to our families. In the workplace, we will be committed and disciplined, acquire new experience and pursue our ambitions.   We will create the right environment to enable us to fulfill these responsibilities. We will promote greater financial independence by providing planning tools such as mortgages, savings portfolios, and retirement options. We will set up a regulatory framework that empowers the non-profit sector. This will all be achieved by adhering closely to Islamic principles, Arab values and our national traditions. As we build our own long-term future, we will remember our duty to respect these principles, which include supporting the vulnerable and needy, helping our neighbors, being hospitable to guests, respecting visitors, being courteous to expatriates, and being conscientious of human rights.

Being responsible in business

We aspire to have businesses that contribute to developing our society and our country, not be geared solely towards generating profits. We expect our companies to observe their social responsibilities and contribute to creating a sustainable economy, including by creating the stimulating opportunities for young men and women that can help them build their professional careers. We will encourage the businesses that follow through on this commitment to participate in our country and to address national challenges.

Being responsible to society

The values of giving, compassion, cooperation and empathy are firmly entrenched in our society. We have already played an influential role in providing social aid locally, regionally and globally. In the future, we will formalize and strengthen the organization of our social and compassionate work so that our efforts have the maximum results and impact. Today, we have fewer than 1,000 non-profit foundations and associations. In order to increase the resilience and impact of this sector, we will continue to develop regulations necessary to empower civil society institutions. We will review our regulations to encourage endowments to sustainably fund the sector and to encourage corporations and high net worth families to establish non-profit organizations. Government support will be directed to the programs with highest social impact and we will support training workers to encourage volunteering and careers in the non-profit sector. Enabling non-profit organizations to attract the best talents in order to ensure best management practices and the transfer of knowledge, which will strengthen these institutions over the long-term. This will ensure that the non-profit sector plays an enhanced and more efficient role in critical sectors such as health care, education, housing, research, and cultural and social programs.

Our Commitments

A more impactful non-profit sector

Today, we have fewer than 1,000 non-profit and charitable foundations and associations. They contribute just 0.3 percent of our GDP, much less than the global average of 6 percent. Currently, just 7 percent of projects are focused on generating social impact or are aligned with the long-term national priorities. By 2020, more than one third of our non-profit organizations’ projects should have measurable and deep social impact. The recently published regulations on non-profit organizations and on the General Authority for Endowments will help the non-profit sector become more institutionalized, formalized and more efficient. We will accelerate this shift further by supporting projects and programs with high social impact and by facilitating the establishment of non-profit organizations by high net worth families, which will promote rapid growth of the non-profit sector. We will support this growth by creating a supportive and cooperate environment in which the sector’s institutions and government agencies can collaborate. At the same time, we will encourage the non-profit sector to apply proper governance standards, facilitate high quality training to staff and promote a culture of volunteering and full-time careers in the sector.

Among our goals by 2030…

To increase household savings from 6% to 10% of total household income

To raise the non-profit sector’s contribution to GDP from less than 1% to 5%

To rally one million volunteers per year (compared to 11,000 now)